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the difference

I love IMDB.little big man

So often I think of a scene, rehear the dialogue, and want to snag it for a devotional or other writing. And there is the Internet Movie Database, waiting with quotes to be accessed. Nine times out of ten it has exactly what I’m looking for.

Thought of a scene this week from Little Big Man (1970, Dustin Hoffman, Chief Dan George, Richard Mulligan).
I went and there it was. What I hadn’t counted on was getting distracted for the next thirty minutes or so reading all the dialogue excerpts, hearing them, reliving those cinematic moments.

And this one floored me. Chief Dan George. Old Lodge Skins, speaking to his white son after the latest atrocity:

Old Lodge Skins

It’s amazing the difference, hearing these words as a twelve-year-old in dialogue on the big screen, and reading them now. I don’t know that I heard them at all then. I just thought the movie was funny. Yes, I have always been that deep.

Now I can hear echoes, religious voices from my past reacting to the quote: New Ageism, pantheism,
Native American Indian mumbo-jumbo.

But then I hear my own memorized Scriptures:
Christ is all and is in all.
Trees clap their hands.
Earth groans.
Mountains flee like goats.
And the stars sing sweet songs.

It made me slow down, just a bit.
It made me watch the next faces I encountered.
It helped me to hear their voices, to see their eyes, sense their stories.
And I found myself talking to my books.
And yes, they did talk back.
They said they also consider it creepy that I sniff them.


To truly see everything, everyone alive. In him. How that might change everything


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