refuse. that. label.

26 Jul

Not written much about the whole same sex issue.
Mainly because I don’t want to beggar the snarkiness from any direction.
Call me cynical.

But this post by Brant Hansen “Does God See Me as a Heterosexual?” And Other Thoughts on Sexuality – yes, this one I like.

Yes, I encourage you to read it in toto. I do. But first see his face just a bit.
This always helps, but it’s typically the thing we’re most resistant to do.

Now try this excerpt from the article on for size:

Hansen Quote_A

And then this one:

Hansen Quote_B

Now here’s a thought.
Rather than reacting and stretching forth thy hand to thy keyboard to type in rainbow or other hues, try reading the whole article. Sit for a few moments with Brant. Contemplate just a bit. And then move on with your day.

What a concept.

And what a concept that we would see each other as human beings, first, last and always.
Human beings.
All of us.
Each of us.
Divine image bearers.
Marred and Messed, to be sure. Some of us more than others. And ironically the more marred we are, the brighter the Reflection can be.

And what a concept…
My sexual orientation is sinful. Yes it is. I identify with Brant as having a polygamous orientation. Ha! I’m just choosing not to act on it for the simple and very practical reason that one is more than enough. Truly.

But at the end of the Day, we aren’t homo.
We aren’t hetero.
We aren’t poly.
We be humans all, we.


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  1. randallphelps

    July 26, 2015 at 7:06 pm

    You’re welcome 😉


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