fowl play

25 Apr

Two firsts for me today.

The first first…having a head on collision happen right in front of me.
I’ve always driven along soon or long after.
A vehicle tried to turn left in the path of another oncoming vehicle traveling at a full 30 mph. No evidence of applied brakes, just full, sudden, total, head-on, crunching, crashing contact.

The second first.
Dropping my daughter back at her apartment following her therapy, I felt a sudden, hard (((thump))) on my head. Yes, there was a cloudy sky overhead, but I knew that was no raindrop.
I had been visited.
I had been blessed.
With fowl play.
At least seagull sized, the dropping was, absorbed into my thickish hair into which it actually blended rather nicely.
And having been sham-pooed, naturally I took a few moments to rinse in my daughter’s apartment.

Now I sit back and contemplate these two firsts.

How thankful I am to be visited by the first rather than to experience the second.
How blessed we are when we can simply rinse fowl play out of our hair, and move on.
I hear in some cultures receiving a bird poop on the head is considered good luck.

I call it a blessing.

Though it’s one I’m certainly ready to pass on…


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