clearer ran the words

25 Mar

In honor of Tolkien reading day.reading_day-300x224-1
My favorite reading from Lord of the Rings. Fellowship of the Ring. Book Two. From the chapter entitled “Many Meetings” (being a pastor, that title is precious to me…)
On a good day, this is where holy Writ and worship take me when clearer run the words…

At first the beauty of the melodies
and of the interwoven words in elven-tongues,
even though he understood them little,
held him in a spell,
as soon as he began to attend to them.
Almost it seemed that the words took shape,
and visions of far lands and bright things
that he had never yet imagined
out before him;
and the firelit hall
became like a golden mist
above seas of foam that
upon the margins of the world.

Then the enchantment became
more and more dreamlike,
until he felt that an endless river of
swelling gold
and silver
was flowing over him,
too multitudinous for its pattern
to be comprehended;
it became part of
the throbbing air about him,
and it drenched and
drowned him.
Swiftly he sank under
its shining weight
into a deep realm
of sleep.

There he wandered
long in a dream of music
that turned
into running water,
and then suddenly into
a voice.
It seemed to be the voice of
Bilbo chanting verses.
at first
and then
clearer ran the words.

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