open wide

10 Mar

I’ll admit this isn’t the most appealing image of prayer.
In fact it’s
and just slightly humiliating.

Perhaps that’s why I like it so.

“Open your mouth and I will fill it,” says God.

There we have it.

The ultimate, essential prayer posture is not
standing with arms spread or
kneeling with bowed head or even
spread-eagled on the ground.

Whether standing ormention FIAP   KU Min-Sheng   TAIWAN   Feeding Baby Birds 1
sitting or
lying down it’s simply a
wide open mouth.

Picture a baby bird, her mouth gaping open.
No performance.
No sweet song.
Just raw desperation.

Why is it we are so convinced prayer is all about filling God’s ear with our words?
It’s as if we read Jesus’ primal prayer instruction,
“Don’t pray like those outsider religious sophisticates
with all their multiplied words,”
wiped our mouth, and proceeded to do just that.

Giving God an earful.
A holy, properly ordered and delivered earful.
As if he were our secretary as we provide the dictation.
But he only seeks receptacles
wide open, empty, cracked, pathetic receptacles
that he can fill.

Open wide.

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  1. Diane McPhail

    March 31, 2015 at 9:32 pm

    Reblogged this on Diane McPhail | Artist, Writer, Teacher & Retreat Leader and commented:
    I came upon this today and only by chance, followed the link. This is a profound take on prayer.


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