the hardest step…is the one you have to wait to take

08 Mar

What’s the hardest step in line dance?*
It’s not the grapevine.
Not the coaster step.
Not the kickball change.
Or the reverse weave.
Or the sailor step, the rock step, the shuffle step, or the step-lock-step.

It’s the hold.

It’s drawing your foot back and then,
though momentum is pushing you,
though everything in you wants to move to the next step, 




It’s waiting for the rhythm,
and then launching into the next move.

So against the grain of us, this.
This holding, this waiting business,
this yielding to the rhythm the self-indulgent initiative we feel
and so want to express.

But at the heart of the dance of life (chuwl!) is
slowing the step as you wait
for the beat of the song
for the next pivotal movement of life
waiting, waiting, waiting

slowing the step…
And then the pivot comes.

No. We really don’t care for this step at all, do we?

* This question was asked and answered by Michael Barr, a nationally known line dance instructor, at the Sweetheart Jamboree in Seattle, February 7, 2015.


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2 responses to “the hardest step…is the one you have to wait to take

  1. LaWayne

    March 8, 2015 at 3:25 am

    Funny isn’t it? And for me the hardest step, the hold, is my favorite, in line dance at least. It gives me a chance, an entire beat of music, to catch my breath, free my mind from all the steps I’ve just completed and move mentally toward what is coming next. Wish I could learn to do that when life signals a hold.

  2. wordhaver

    March 8, 2015 at 3:35 pm

    Totally! And how funny that the hardest step is when we’re given the opportunity to catch our breath! Ha! We so don’t do sabbath well…


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