the Jupiter Syndrome

25 Jul

I have a theory.
It’s not scientific, I suppose, but I have observed the phenomenon.
I call it the “Jupiter syndrome.”

I don’t think I’ve shared it here. If I have it’s time for a repeat.

i hate this place

i hate this place

Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System.
Fifth planet.
Gas giant.
A mass one-thousandth that of the Sun.
Two and a half times the mass of all the other planets
in our Solar System 
No solid surface.
Rapid rotation.

I read an article years ago about how thankful we should be for Jupiter.
Evidently, due to Jupiter’s huge size and its consequent gravitational pull, its presence in our Solar System has saved this planet repeatedly, because Jupiter’s gravity sucks in objects that would obliterate the Earth but that she can and has absorbed through the millennia.

Jupiter takes the hits for us.
The cosmic punching bag.
Over and over.

but it could be worse. it could be uranus.

but it could be worse. it could be uranus.

The Jupiter syndrome?
Some people are just blessed with it.
They take the hits for us.
Calamity is drawn to them.
Repeated impacts
living with no solid surface
dizzied by a rapid rotation that refuses to stop so we can get off
our life a huge, swirling red spot
a storm that seems to have been raging since the 17th Century
at least
while the rest of us watch through social media telescopes
and sigh our prayers
“God help them”
“Thank you that I’m not Jupiter.”

my favorite far side...another version of the swirling red spot

my favorite far side…another version of the swirling red spot

Sometimes it’s a just a Jupiter day,
count your blessings.
Sometimes it’s a Jupiter week, or month, or year.
Sometimes it’s a Jupiter life.

God have mercy.

And he does.

Five, they say, is the number of grace, and Jupiter is the fifth planet.
There is a special grace that flows through most Jupiter folk I know,
flows right off the wispy, wobbly surface of their lives
without them even trying;
so much substance from folks just happy to find their feet.

So be kind to Jupiter folk.
Thank them.
Pray for them.

And pray that you have never have any idea what in God’s name I’m talking about here.

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