futterwacken evangelism

18 Aug
it's called futterwacken evangelism

it’s called futterwacken evangelism

This one reminds me of a story.

I’ll try to get the details right…

There once was a skeptic and a believer standing in the town square.

All gathered to hear the great debate, to witness fiery verbal jousting.

The skeptic stepped forward first, arguing intelligently, passionately, convincingly against the reality of God. The townspeople eagerly listened and then broke into applause.

Then the believer stepped forward.

A hush descended upon the crowd.

And without saying a word in reply, the believer stood up; and taking his shepherd’s flute he began to play passionately, joyfully, with abandon.

And all the townspeople rose to their feet.

And they danced.

Don’t remember where I heard this story, but it stuck. It always reminds me of the two approaches witnessed in The Mission. Standard frontal verbal assault presentation that sees you sent over the falls strapped to a cross (quite the satisfying imagined result for many through history) and the rather more oblique approach of pulling out a flute (or in this case an oboe) and seeing hostile bows lowered and a platform for mutual listening opened.

If the pen is mightier than the sword, the flute may be mightier than both.

And that is Good News.

Perhaps we should try it more often…

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