01 Aug


It’s my word find of the week.


From Middle English mameren (“to hesitate, be undecided, waver, mutter”), from Old English māmrianmāmorian (“to think through, deliberate, plan out, design”), from Proto-Germanic *maimrōną (“to take care, worry”), from Proto-Indo-European *mer*smer (“to fall into thought, remember, take care”). Related to Old English māmor (“deep thought, deep sleep, unconsciousness”), Old English mimorian (“to remember”), Dutch mijmeren (“to ponder, muse”). More at remember. (Unless you forget.)

mammer (third-person singular simple present mammers, present participle mammering, simple past and past participle mammered)

1. (rare) To hesitate.

Tell me, Othello: I wonder in my soul, What you would ask me, that I should deny, Or stand so mammering on — Shakespeare, Othello.

2. (rare) To mumble or stammer from doubt or hesitation.


blahI often sit back and wonder, “What do I do with this wordhavering blog thingy?” I mean, sometimes I wax poetic (or fake wax it), sometimes I try to go theological – but half of what I write when I try to write something theologically significant or current eventish impactful or insightful, sounds, well, stooooopid when I finish.

And then I found this word.


It has brought me back to my havering roots in starting this blogging adventure. To haver, at least in UK lingo, or so I understand, is to hem and haw, to stammer, to utter with slurred speech. In other words to mammer.

Yes, this I can do! This I do do. In fact, do do is an excellent way of putting it.

It also really helps that a related word to mammer is mammery: prone to mumble or stammer; mumbly. Just one letter away from mammary is mammery. Boob speech.

I want to see mammery used in a sentence.

“Hey, don’t go all mammery on me, now.” Yeah, that works.

My realization?

I mammer my prayers. Particularly during hospital visits.

favorite pic of the week...thanks Gina

favorite pic of the week…thanks Gina

I mammerize Scripture in my sermons.

I do not offer pastoral counseling. Pastoral mammering, only. Please and thank you. With frequent movie references and obscure Greek and Hebrew phrases I’m totally just making up on the spot.

And to remember (remammer!) this is to remember that all I need to do here is mammer; to mammer in all of it’s mammeried glory.

Where is the wise guy? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?

And so the Word of the Lord to them will be, Zav le-zav, zav le-zav, kav le-kav, kav le-kav, zehr-shom, zehr-shom…

At it’s best, the Gospel is a message that can only be mammered.

Our best theology but finger-painting.

I am the Wordhaver.

And I mammer.


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