Orange Moon and Buying Time

25 Jul

My bestest friend Kat told me to check out our mutual friend’s post regarding Kat’s daughter. I went. I read. Wow. Grace, you’ve nailed it. As one who has been frequently awarded the “you’re so strong” award since my daughter’s brain tumor in 2006 and my own bout with cancer last year, THANK YOU!!! This deserves a read. Just saying…

Gigislens Blog

Tonight, the moon, which looks to have been perfectly cut in half, is orange.  I look down at the life-giving-for-bees-but-otherwise-out-of-control lavender bush which has grown extra crazy this year, since I didn’t get to pruning it, last fall.  It is moving.  Every little tiny stem of purple flowers is moving.  But I don’t feel any wind. 

Are there really that many non-noise-making, silent bugs catapulting off the flowers – enough to make the whole bush look alive??  Or is the wind so gentle that I can’t feel it – not even a little bit – but strong enough to comb through each stem, individually, making it come alive?  I don’t wait around to determine.  It is past midnight.  My whole family is asleep.  The only noise I can hear is the repetition of the crickets’ song.  And I am beside myself. 

I have just learned that my friend’s daughter, who is friends…

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