23 May

A friend of mine just finished walking the Camino in Spain – well, at least the last 125 miles or so of it.the Way_albergue

I know some who would say he’s a bit driven, that he rides life hard, works harder, and is perhaps more oriented towards task than people. He would probably agree with that too. But I’ve always seen more. Which is why when he shared via email his key takeaway from walking the Way of Saint James for the past two weeks, I wasn’t really surprised. I was just blessed that he had seen this with renewed clarity and vigor.

His summation:

I’ve learned here that a real life pilgrimage isn’t about doing, but about being.

It’s not so much about what you accomplish in life,
but about how well you lived your life along the journey.

Did you love well?

Did you serve well?

Did you bless others along the trail of life?

Did your life reflect the fact that Christ had been alive in you…

Now, if we could just see this without having to travel halfway around the world and take an epic walk through sprawling beauty.

Or without having to stand in the ruins of what was once our home and neighborhood.

Or without having to stand over your mother’s grave.

Or spend six months enduring the seemingly endless process of tomb and resurrection, tomb and resurrection as you undergo multiple rounds of chemo.

Why can’t we just see this? Why can’t we hold the view? Why can’t we maintain the perspective?

Once seeing it so easily fades.

Which is why it no doubt takes successive interventions in the form of surgeries or chemo or disasters or deaths…

or epic walks through the Spanish countryside.

Who knows.

Perhaps a thoughtful walk around the neighborhood can function as such a timely intervention, realigning my vision, perspective, and priorities. Perhaps a few measured breaths in the the cool air as I stand outside on a crisp Spring morning will do it. Perhaps stopping long enough to gaze into the love of your life’s face and taking in each nuance, each angle, each contour can bring us here.

Am I loving well?

Am I serving well?

How can I bless others along the trail of this day’s walk?

Buen Camino.

the Way_father and son


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