ephesian roar

02 Apr

My girls like watching Mark Driscoll.

Half appreciation for the antics. Half for the content. Though they vehemently disagree with his stance on the Twilight Saga.

Watching over their shoulder Sunday morning.

A live feed of the Easter service from Mars Hill.

They are amused at the angry, pounding, repeated affirmation that Jesus Christ is alive.bullhorn

And then it strikes me.

Do our loud affirmations about whatever…Jesus or Mohammed, traditional marriage or gay marriage, this or that or the other…

Do they reflect our deep convictions…

Or what we have to keep telling ourselves we believe?

The louder the volume, the greater the desperate need to shore up ourselves and the belief?

The more we pump the crowd, the more we pump up ourselves,

The more I hear the Ephesian roar,

Meh-gah-lay hey Ar-teh-mis Ephe-see-own

“Great is Diana of the Ephesians!”

It made me smile.

And then I walked back into the sanctuary.


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