reversed tide

04 Feb

So overwhelmed by so many rich encounters all over the church campus this morning – some involving me, more that I simply observed. Inspired to try to capture, however ineptly, in words something of what I witnessed, what I tasted today…

I sit mellowed, basking, full. A deep purring.

Hall of faceswine tasting
Like bottles of vintage wines
The laughter of so many
lives intertwined 
relational toes dangling
in shared pools of conversation
Helkath Hazzurim* undone
reversed tide
washing up crimson 
waves of love.

* Hebrew “field of daggers” by a pool in Gibeon where 24 young men squared off in bloody civil war and killed each other (see 2 Samuel 2:12-16). The scene from 2 Samuel always takes me to the Bloody Pond on the Shiloh battlefield, where after that first day’s furious fighting, brothers north and south crawled to the waters and shared what for many was their final drink, the water turning a murky red by the following day.

bloody pond

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