an immense pregnancy

31 Jan

Why not think of God as the one who is coming, who is moving toward us from all eternity, the Future One, culminating fruit of the tree whose leaves we are? What stops you from projecting his birth on times to come and living your life as a painful and beautiful day in the history of an immense pregnancy? Do you not see how all that is happening is ever again a new beginning? And could it not be His Beginning, for to commence is ever in itself a beautiful thing.

Rilke – Letters to a Young Poet, 1903

Rainer Maria Rilke is another of those voices I love to frequent. My friend Katie introduced me to him in the Book of Hours years ago, and he’s spoken to me, blessed me, ever since.

Love these images!

God not simply as one who came, but who is and always will be coming. The Future One.

Ehyeh asher ehyeh.  ehyeh asher ehyeh

I will be that which I will be.

The Divine Name we say little and know less.

Rilke dovetails beautifully with my current readings through Exodus and Galatians. Pulls them together, even as so much of life (and religion!) seems to pull us apart.

A tabernacle and priestly system that ultimately serves practically to enshrine, to codify a God who is Past, rather than making space and pointing to the One who Will Be.

Projecting his birth, and our own, on times to come, on days yet unfolding.

We are all, along with creation, pregnant with an immense pregnancy, aren’t we? True religion, like life, offers no final product with a stamp of authenticity from ages past. It only makes space for our own glimpse, our own grasping of our common, immense pregnancy, the unfolding of our common history, a common life of painful and beautiful days.

Creation groans in the pangs of childbirth and we also inwardly groan as we eagerly wait.

Immense pregnancy!


The redemption of our creaking, cranky, chemoed bodies.

The revealing of the sons and daughters of God.

And we know not yet what we will be.

But we will be.


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