the peace of being nothing special

13 Jan

Thomas Merton continues to speak to me — at least I am “obscurely convinced” that he does.
Let’s just say Thomas-Mertonthat he is used regularly to put me in my place.

Good word for today…

It seems to me that I have greater peace and am closer to God when I am not “trying to be a contemplative,” or trying to be anything special, but simply orienting my life fully and completely towards what seems to be required of a man like me at a time like this.

I am obscurely convinced that there is a need in the world for something I can provide and that there is a need for me to provide it. True, someone else can do it, God does not need me. But I feel He is asking me to provide it.

At the consecration of my Mass I suddenly thought of the words:
“If you love me, feed my sheep!”

The wonder of being brought, by God, around a corner to realize a new road is opening up, perhaps – which He alone knows. And that there is no way of traveling it but in Christ and with Him. This is joy and peace – whatever happens. The result does not matter. I have something to do for Him and, if I do that, everything else will follow. For the moment, it consists of prayer – thought – study, and above all, care to form the South American postulants as He brings them to Gethsemani.

Merton, January 23, 1958

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