Groping for Stability

02 Dec

No, it’s not a bad Herman Cain line.

It’s actually from a quote I stumbled across this morning while quickly leafing through a book for something else. It was a good follow-up for me on the heels of my post from last night (the depressing one). Here goes:

The human mind cannot tolerate agitated depression and grief indefinitely. The healthy personality will act to protect itself in time, throwing off the despair and groping for stability. One method by which this is accomplished is by turning pain into anger.

Sounds like Dobson was working through an analysis of the classic steps of grieving. What stuck me was that phrase “groping for stability.” And while I understand the path from pain to anger and beyond, I realized how blessed I have been to find that stability, that stabilizing ledge or handle in laughter – and so often in the company of friends in whose presence I don’t have to self-edit. I realized what a rich treasure of such friends I have in this season of my life – and that I have been blessed by for some time now – a sustaining, stabilizing treasure I have found also in the faces of seventeen young people that I am blessed and privileged to sit with twice a week for a government class.

So thank you, my friends. Thank you for being so pivotal in my life in throwing off despair and finding stability again. And that I haven’t even had to grope for it.

Thank you. 🙂

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